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This is a tiny weeny blog, made predominantly for me as a way of recording those little funny, poignant, sad, thoughtful moments in our lives.

I keep chickens, work for a lovely local textile designer, look after my family and grow fruit and veg.  I also LOVE sewing, crochet and knitting.  Read more about me and us here.

I’d love to hear from you if you also love any of the above!

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Liz x

Season’s a-changin’

We’ve had a mixed bag of weather this summer.  We’ve had amazingly hot days, windy, wet and stormy days but all in all I think it’s been an ok season.

The chickens-  Apollo (“The Major”), Helena and Diana have settled in. Chris and I spent a whole weekend fencing off a huge space for them so they can have more room to explore.  The two hens took it it turns to go broody but we still managed to eat our fair share of eggs.
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Easy cooking for the knackered working mum

I’m a busy mum with a full time job, a husband, one dog and three chickens.  They all want feeding at the same time every day (how selfish of them!).

I get home from work at roughly 6.30pm every evening – the animals are easy to feed, a bit of mixed scratch thrown into the chicken run for their supper, some dried dog food and a tickle behind the ear for the dog and they’re all happy.  The husband and the teenager need something a bit more involved.
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New chickens for springtime.

My last post was a sad one.  Mr Fox had killed my rooster and three of my hens.  I spent the next few weeks trying to keep the two hens I had left occupied and  happy but ultimately they were used to being in a bigger social group and as they were no longer allowed to free range in the field but kept in a large enclosed space, they began to fight.

It broke my heart to see them so unhappy.  I made the decision to rehome them.  My Aunty Car (Caroline) is an expert chicken keeper with a mixed flock of chickens and ducks on a big pasture where her chickens roam securely in a huge open air run.  I asked her if she would adopt my two hens and she did.

So, my dear friends were happily rehomed.  All I had left was an empty coop.  Over the next few weeks I watched the grass grow up around the abandoned coop and I missed the quiet cluck of a hen and the crow of a rooster.

My birthday came around and Aunty Car, knowing how I missed having feathered friends around, suggested she buy me a trio of Pekin Bantams.  (A trio being a rooster and two hens).  She explained to me that Bantams are smaller, happy to be in a run and don’t require as much space as the hybrid breeds I had previously.  I was delighted.  I had just had a tax rebate and so I was on the internet straight away researching the Pekin Bantam and all they would need.
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A very sad day

This blog was started only a few weeks ago. I called it “Me, five hens, one rooster and a dog called Bella”. After a fox visited the farm today, I should really re-name this blog “Me, two very lucky hens and a dog called Bella”.
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