Meet the gang

As one of my first posts, I thought it sensible to introduce ourselves.

First – the most important ‘people’ on this blog who’s adventures we will be following closely; Our five Gingernut hens – Annie, Mimi, Red, Gwen and Benny (Benny has a bent toe). All are roughly 7 months old and have been laying an egg a day each for about 6 weeks now. They are very clever and a bit cheeky which I love.It's not a bad life...

Second is Clyde, our newly aquired Orpington rooster. At just 6 months old, he had his work cut out for him when I threw him into the run with our 5 hens (I can hear some of you screaming “What about incubation?!”, I’ll get to that at a later date). With the hens already in a strict pecking order with Annie firmly at the top, his sudden appearance caused quite a stir. He soon put the angry Annie in her place by pinning her to the floor and telling her he was the boss now! Peace quickly resumed, he certainly rules the roost!10610498_10152920541422270_1379468184383039746_n

Bella is my little 13 year old jack russel terrier. Short on stature – tall on….well not much really but she has a love of food (as you can probably tell), she will chase a ball or a tug toy until you are exhausted and she is THE best hot water bottle in the world! Bella loves life on the small holding except the early mornings – she doesn’t do those.

My jack russel Bella.

My jack russel Bella.

Then there’s me Liz. I’m a thirty-something girl, working full time for the amazing textile designer Poppy Treffry based in Newlyn, Cornwall. I manage her shop for her and I also sew in her studio 2 days a week….a dream job!
I have a very patient and understanding husband – Chris, a teenage daughter – Ellie (Elle) and an amazing sister Bev as well as a small but close network of friends and family. I am a very lucky girl!

Me, myself and I

Me, myself and I


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