Season’s a-changin’

We’ve had a mixed bag of weather this summer.  We’ve had amazingly hot days, windy, wet and stormy days but all in all I think it’s been an ok season.

The chickens-  Apollo (“The Major”), Helena and Diana have settled in. Chris and I spent a whole weekend fencing off a huge space for them so they can have more room to explore.  The two hens took it it turns to go broody but we still managed to eat our fair share of eggs.

So now it’s turned September and summer has decided to make way to autumn – almost overnight!

We’re madly picking the last of the tomatoes in the poly tunnel before the mice finish them off for us as they fatten themselves up for the colder months; the cut flower patches are still determined to keep flowering and the Daliahs are looking stunning in reds, oranges and vintage pinks; and today I did my first windfall collection of apples from the orchard.

I love this time of year – the Farm seems to take a calming sigh as the flowers and plants start to go back to sleep after a busy summer, we light more bonfires as trees and shrubs are cut back; veg patches are dug over ready for winter/spring planting and the chickens slowly stop laying and head into their house a little earlier every evening, snuggling into fluffy straw bedding which replaces the wood chipings I had used through the summer.


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