Season’s a-changin’

We’ve had a mixed bag of weather this summer.  We’ve had amazingly hot days, windy, wet and stormy days but all in all I think it’s been an ok season.

The chickens-  Apollo (“The Major”), Helena and Diana have settled in. Chris and I spent a whole weekend fencing off a huge space for them so they can have more room to explore.  The two hens took it it turns to go broody but we still managed to eat our fair share of eggs.
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Welcome to our little part of the world…


This is a tiny weeny blog, made predominantly for me as a way of recording those little funny, poignant, sad, thoughtful moments in our lives.

I keep chickens, work for a lovely local textile designer, look after my family and grow fruit and veg.  I also LOVE sewing, crochet and knitting.  Read more about me and us here.

I’d love to hear from you if you also love any of the above!

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Liz x

Meet the gang

As one of my first posts, I thought it sensible to introduce ourselves.

First – the most important ‘people’ on this blog who’s adventures we will be following closely; Our five Gingernut hens – Annie, Mimi, Red, Gwen and Benny (Benny has a bent toe). All are roughly 7 months old and have been laying an egg a day each for about 6 weeks now. They are very clever and a bit cheeky which I love. Continue reading