2015 – A year of not wasting nor wanting.

I need a weekend bag – I’m going away for a few days next month and I don’t really own anything suitable.

So I thought I would treat myself to a half decent bag that would come in useful for short trips away, something I would use again.

I automatically turned to the Internet and googled “weekend bag”. There were lots of lovely bags to choose from from lots of different online shops. Some where cheap and cheerful, nice dotty fabric, cheap synthetic fabric, made in the east using cheap labour. Continue reading


Here comes 2015!

Happy New Year!

I hope, like us, you’ve managed to have a relaxing Christmas and New Year?

We had a quiet break, although my husband Chris worked on Christmas Day as he does most years. He’s a chef and nutritionist working in a residential drug and alcohol detox centre. He always likes to make sure the residents have a lovely Christmas dinner and although I miss him a lot on Christmas Day, I am very proud of him for doing an amazing job.

Chris and Ellie are members of Hayle Pilot Gig Rowing team. This year they are both going to be rowing with the rest of the team at the World Gig Rowing Championships on the Scilly Isles, a group of islands just 28 miles off the coast from Lands End. The whole team will take their gig boats and their kit along with hundreds of other gig teams from around the country across to St Mary’s to enjoy a weekend of friendly but extremely competitive rowing. Continue reading

Honey’s story

Honey and Bella

Honey and Bella

Honey was always a bit smaller, lighter coloured than the other hens, hence her name. Her beautiful ginger, honey coloured feathers always shone when the sun came out.
Like all the other little hens, she hadn’t started laying when she first arrived on our small holding.

One morning, I took my coffee up to the middle field to spend some time “chicken watching” (or chicken TV as Tish calls it)…. I couldn’t find Honey anywhere… This was the first time our free ranging hens hadn’t run to greet me…something was wrong. I eventually found Mini, Gwen, Red, Annie and Benny but I couldn’t find Honey.

After hours of looking, Bella the jack russell found her hiding in the bamboo patch. I thought nothing of it and put her back among her mates and went back to the house to hang the washing out…. Continue reading

Meet the gang

As one of my first posts, I thought it sensible to introduce ourselves.

First – the most important ‘people’ on this blog who’s adventures we will be following closely; Our five Gingernut hens – Annie, Mimi, Red, Gwen and Benny (Benny has a bent toe). All are roughly 7 months old and have been laying an egg a day each for about 6 weeks now. They are very clever and a bit cheeky which I love. Continue reading