Season’s a-changin’

We’ve had a mixed bag of weather this summer.  We’ve had amazingly hot days, windy, wet and stormy days but all in all I think it’s been an ok season.

The chickens-  Apollo (“The Major”), Helena and Diana have settled in. Chris and I spent a whole weekend fencing off a huge space for them so they can have more room to explore.  The two hens took it it turns to go broody but we still managed to eat our fair share of eggs.
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2015 – A year of not wasting nor wanting.

I need a weekend bag – I’m going away for a few days next month and I don’t really own anything suitable.

So I thought I would treat myself to a half decent bag that would come in useful for short trips away, something I would use again.

I automatically turned to the Internet and googled “weekend bag”. There were lots of lovely bags to choose from from lots of different online shops. Some where cheap and cheerful, nice dotty fabric, cheap synthetic fabric, made in the east using cheap labour. Continue reading